Tempting Your Appetites

Kitchen Dedication Mini French Buffet, originally uploaded by Theresa111.


This is the way buffet desserts are supposed to look … enticing, decadent, delicious, wondrous, creative, divine, Irresistible and scrumptious. This is only a part of the French Mini Buffet for the Kitchen dedication held at my French culinary school. Photo taken March 2005.

It takes hours, days to put this together. A combined effort. Planning, meetings, strategies and precision. This is a beautiful result of all these things executed with love and discipline. This is the result of extensive training at a prestigious culinary school. It takes chef demonstrations, hands-on training, theory, studying and good character to present yourself as one of their students.

I knew I would miss my school. The real world is so different from this special haven of creative thinking. At times I can see myself as an instructor.

Julia Child was my favorite television chef to watch.  Three years ago when I was debating and dreaming of attending a French culinary school, Julia Child passed away on my birthday, August 13th. I took this as a sign to follow my dreams. So far, I am on track. My journey is unfolding even as I write.


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4 responses to “Tempting Your Appetites

  • thedomesticminx

    Oh Theresa,

    I am just in love with those little nuns!! Sacre Bleu! They are simply divine!

    August 13 – 0nly a week until your birthday!!

    I have so many lovely Leo friends and family. I am in fact a Cleo (Cancer/Leo cusp!!!)
    I hope you have something lovely planned darling xxx

  • tselmende

    Oh, my. That is simply the most beautiful display of food I’ve ever seen. How absolutely marvelous.

    I truly am cheering you on as you follow your dreams.

  • Theresa111

    Hi Minx, I caught a sore throat and I’m not feeling too perky. I don’t have any plans for my birthday yet. Maybe something will come up. Yes, those nuns are very cute and the roses are pretty. Hope you’re doing well. oxox

  • Theresa111

    Tselmende, Thank you. We all worked diligently to present those desserts. My dream is to eventually have my own Jazz Cafe`. But that’s a bit down the road. Glad you enjoyed.

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