Jaconde Cake With Chocolate Design

Jaconde Cake With Chocolate Design, originally uploaded by Theresa111.

Cake Jaconde / Mona Lisa

8 large eggs
2 yolks
6 oz 10 X sugar sifted
8 oz almond flour
2 oz A. P. flour
2 oz butter melted (100º jiggled)
6 oz egg whites
2 oz sugar
——————–> French meringue, medium to firm but not stiff

1) Beat eggs and yolks in mixer.
2) Sift dry ingredients together and set aside.
3) Add dry to mixer, cover, high speed for ten minutes.
4) Make French meringue medium to firm peaks.
5) Fold into batter, light into heavy, heavy into light.  Add butter and jiggle it in to batter. Blend very gently.

6) Prepare pans 1 and 1/2 sheet pans.
(Either sil pat with pate a cornet or greased with parchment paper and floured)
7) Add batter to pans or on top of the pate a cornet. Thumb edges.

Bake 400º to 450º 8 to 10 minutes. Remove from pans immediately and from sil pats.

* Pate a Cornet is a product of chocolate design on on a transfer sheetBe sure to place the pattern so it will show when the dessert is presented.

After the cake is cooled you may use it for the dessert you are making. the cake is very thin and is perfect for cutting strips and lining molds which may be filled with different fillings, layers of jaconde and fillings. For example chocolate mousse. Chill and when set, remove the mold ring or design, like a teardrop mold. The dessert is shaped and ready to be plated.

You may also make it into a roulade, which is French for the American jellyroll. Place a thin filling and roll. Sprinkle with 10X sugar or glaze with chocolate and let it set up before slicing. there are lots of variations and they are all so tasty.


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