Gateau Le Concorde`

The Concorde Cake, originally uploaded by Theresa111.


This cake was created in celebration of The French plane called The Concorde. It is chocolate from the inside to the outside. There is the satisfying crunch of the chocolate meringue disks and creamy layers of chocolate mousse.

After it is built it is covered with a top layer of more chocolate mousse. Pieces of rolled chocolate meringue are strewn over the entire cake. A strip of parchment paper is placed across the center of the cake. Then 10X sugar is sprinkled or dusted before removing the parchment strip of paper.

A chocolate rose is fashioned from molding chocolate and placed in the center of the cake. The cake is finished. Photo January 2007 LAC.


5 thoughts on “Gateau Le Concorde`

  1. i never entertain,, but if i did,,, that would be the perfect cake to set on the table.. and watch people snack off of when they thought no one was looking!!!!!!!

  2. Minx, It would be messy though. I can imagine you with chocolate on your hands and on your face. In this frame you would liook like a small girl who got into something.

    I’ve always enjoyed eating with my fingers. That’s why they invented finger food.

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