The Wings of The Dragonfly

The Wings of The Dragonfly, originally uploaded by Theresa111



Visiting Aunt Myna’s home

Down a country lane

I stroll alone

And coming upon

A beautiful rock

I linger

Without thought

Of the clock


Sitting with my

Face to the sky

I listen for

The Wings of The Dragonfly

I close my thoughts

From reality

Turning away

From the city


My lips

Move to sing

Hoping to bring

This dragonfly

Who soars so high


Is he sitting

On petals

Pinning on medals

Showing the flowers praise

Awakening them to raise

Their faces to the sky

Where he flies so high


Oh where can he be

Maybe talking to a tree

Or sipping from a stream

Even having a dream


He usually doesn’t make me wait

Why is the dragonfly so late


Sitting with my

Face to the sky

I can now hear

The Wings of the Dragonfly

(C) 2001 Theresa H. Hall all rights reserved do not copy

I wrote this the summer I turned nineteen.



About Theresa H Hall

As a professional vocalist. licensed broadcaster, artist, published poet, lyricist, writer, essayist, critic, animal lover and budding pastr View all posts by Theresa H Hall

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