George Apple

DSCN1470, originally uploaded by Theresa111.

Hello. My name is George Apple and today I am here to let you know that I hand out free advice. If you have a question, problem or just plain curious as to how I handle matters. drop me a line to this address (oops time’s up!) and I will get back to you.

Remember to keep it clean and please no spam. This forum will be open for 48 hours only. If it’s all right to post your inquiry and my reply let me know that too. Thanks.


3 thoughts on “George Apple

  1. theresa,, i had to i just had to ,,, i stumbled this post… i don’t want you to think you can someday take it down and all will be forgotten… i have you and george apple forever emblazoned upon my stumble page!!!!!!

    you are killing me theresa… i am laughing my ass off!!!!!

  2. oh… i forgot to mention the new look,,, i was laughing so hard… but your page does look nice in its green apple accents!!!!!!!!

  3. Paisley……Always ready to give you a tickle and make you laugh. Hope you didn’t fall off your chair. You might startle your girls. You know what I mean, your dogs. Your female dogs. Now I am laughing. Joe walked past wondering why my shoulders are shaking so.

    My sister Mary gave me this for Christmas one year. She would always go to these craft shows and come up with fab gifts. When I saw it I was delighted because I had never seen anything like him before. At the time, she was living in Hollister, CA with her then second husband. The mouth reminded me of my then brother-in-law, George. They have similar mouths. So I named him George Apple. I am still laughing.

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