“Flowers” Black and White Theresa’s Original Art

Flowers Black and White 2004 Original Acrylic on paper THH, originally uploaded by Theresa111.

Art isn’t always about color. Two of my non-color choices are black, white and shades thereof. Grays and charcoals fit into this category too.

Art is about perception, brush strokes and flow. Thankfully, I have the presented flow in many of my paintings. It’s very much like placing your inner most feelings on the tip of your paint brush and strategically smearing them for the world to see.

Painting’s a personal process. Like standing naked before your audience.

You can see the true version wearing it’s splendid colors on my original site. Look in my side bar and scroll down to find the blogroll.

(C) circa 2004 all rights reserved Theresa H. Hall


2 thoughts on ““Flowers” Black and White Theresa’s Original Art

  1. This is beautiful!!

    Black, white and red have always been my favourite colours.

    I love seeing things pared back to their raw parts – I love the honesty of black & white and while I am invigorated by colour, there is a refreshing and simple beauty when it is just b&w.

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