Unconditional Love

Bobby on Couch, originally uploaded by Theresa111.

It truly amazes me just how firmly this little fellow is lodged in my heart. He is the most even-tempered feline I have ever met and he loves us one hundred percent. Unconditionally.

From before he was born, his mother, Fiona and I were dear friends, he was special. I got the pleasure of seeing him within twenty-four hours of his birth. Being one of six kittens, there were three sets of almost look-a-likes, he had the cutest expression.

At ten weeks he came to live with us. In the evening, after he was tired from eating then playing for hours, I would place him on my shoulder and tell him “It’s time to go to sleep, Bobby.” He was so small that he fit just underneath my chin.  His soft fur tickled my neck.

He would nuzzle his tiny face in my hair and his little hands would begin the kneading process. I gently pat his bottom, and pet his ears. Before long, I would hear his even breathing.  Knew he was in a deep sleep when he exhaled an occasional sigh. I placed him in his very large cat apartment on top of his soft bed. He would curl into a furry ball to continue his night’s sleep.

We have this bond, he and I. He can wrap me round his paw but he never tries to take advantage. He simply wants to be near and likes the relaxing place I work. Sometimes, for hours on end, he hides away to sleep in a cubby-hole. I haven’t discovered them all, but no matter, we are all allowed some privacy.

Bobby is so sweet. He just celebrated his tenth birthday July 6th and I am starting to see that he is beginning to look more mature. We are good friends and I will treasure our times together. Unconditional love is ours.


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5 responses to “Unconditional Love

  • whypaisley

    animals are the best lovers… i don’t know what i would have done all these years if i didn’t have my “girls”.. they are everything to me……

  • mindsights

    Very touching…I wish people were as capable of pure love and affection as our pets can be! Hope he has more than 9 lives, so you can enjoy him for a long time to come!

  • thedomesticminx

    Oh, how gorgeous.

    Sounds like me and my little tomcat, Diablo aka Newman…
    He is my special love and we share a relationship that you have so beautifully crafted into words.

  • Elizabeth

    What a beautiful cat! You are lucky, our cat was a barn cat that was rescued, and she doesn’t like to be held or petted. But she’s ours, nevertheless. She likes to sleep up on my pillow at night, and I like to hear her purring up there.

  • Theresa111

    Paisley…Your girls are so special to you, just as you are to them. 🙂

    Mindsights…Thank you. I hope Bobby stays healthy and happy. He is so perfect.

    Elizabeth…if she pays you the compliment of sleeping on your pillow then it must be love.

    Minx…Relationships are so very different when they are people and pets. There is so much trust of their part and when they choose to love us it is that much more important.

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