Gateaux St. Honore

Gateaux St. Honore, originally uploaded by Theresa111.


Gateaux St. Honore

This is a marvelous way to end the day.  Simply take your leftovers and prepare this delicious and creative cake.  This way you never have to waste any delectable pastry goodies.  This cake is in honor of Saint Honore who is the patron saint of bakers.  The base of the cake is made from puff pastry scraps or quick puff; 1/16″ to 1/8″ scraps, heavily docked.  The walls of the cake are built with choux paste; profiteroles dipped into caramel and glued on with caramel sugar.  This is also referred to as an Alsacienne Tart.

leftover profiteroles
leftover puff pastry or quick puff
(rolled round, docked and the edge egg washed)
leftover choux paste
(pipe around the outer edge of puff circle, where egg washed)

1/2 pastry cream ————————–
This is Creme Chibouste
1/2 Italian meringue

1) Bake 375º 20 to 25 minutes and dry out.
2) Combine pastry cream and meringue, equally, by folding into a Creme Chibouste.
3) Pipe Creme Chibouste level with the piped choux edge.
4) Dip profiteoles into caramel and glue to the choux with additional caramel sugar.  Adhere to the baked choux wall.
5) Pipe more Creme Chibouste making level with the glued profiteroles.
6) Top with a caramel glazed profiterole.


2 thoughts on “Gateaux St. Honore

  1. Minx…Do you like to cook? I bet you can do anything in the kitchen.

    Tonight, I looked at my globe and saw how upside down and half-way-round the world you are. It’s scary how far away you really are. That makes our friendship even more thrilling knowing we are upside down. And facing outer space opposite…so we are always looking at different skies. I hope your is as lovely as mine. Star light, star bright, and so forth.

    Are you feeling better now? I do hope so. Take care of yourself.

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