Maladjusted Night…Happened in October 2003

Jazz Cafe Camden Town, originally uploaded by londonconstant.


Maladjusted Night

This evening she wanders through rain
Aimlessly seeing the same old same
Restriction holds her close in this life
When all she wants is release
Into the Maladjusted Night

Camden Town was liberating with modification
Not treated in whichever way she longed for
Only twenty-four times five
She broke her bonds to welcome
The Maladjusted Night

Why she does is described as love for her man
No need to be locked away for so long a time
Her voice entreats all who listen to her sing
Of her spirit she traded for a gold wedding ring
She longs for joy to embrace feel right
She wants passionate Maladjusted Night

Maladjusted night
Short hours
Until daylight
Another language
By those who listen
Those unique few
Driven into
Maladjusted night

Written by: Theresa H. Hall
May 30, 2004

(C) all rights reserved



3 thoughts on “Maladjusted Night…Happened in October 2003

  1. “Of her spirit she traded for a gold wedding ring”

    that is exactly how i felt for the brief time i was married,, and why i am not now…. i am too selfish to sacrifice my spirit, for any one….

  2. So do I Minx. My husband is a Jazz Bassist and his group performs here at Jazz Cafe`. Pending dates October 19 & 20.

    Paisley…I used to be so different and Yes that line was coming from deep within my soul.

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