Piano Duck Wearing Flip-Flops

Piano Duck Wearing Flip-Flops, originally uploaded by Theresa111.



Since The Domestic Minx is recuperating, I thought I would go out and purchase her something to help her feel better.  As soon as I spotted this fine little lady, I knew I had to get her.


Her darling little wobbly legs and fat feet sporting the flip -flops were irresistible.  Why must I always look in my dictionary to find I haven’t spelled it correctly!  There are a few words such as this one I am forever checking.  No matter.


She is so cute and since The Minx is on the other, upsidedown part of the world, she can look at her duck right here.  No expensive airplane rides.


I certainly hope she feels better soon.  Please find her listed in my Blog-Roll in the right sidebar.  Go visit her to see why her site is always exciting to read.  Leave her a get well message in her comment section.  Let her know I sent you.  Cheers!



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2 responses to “Piano Duck Wearing Flip-Flops

  • thedomesticminx

    Oh you are such a darling, Theresa xxx

    What a delicious cheer me up this was.
    I absolutely love little yellow ducks and this one, sporting flip flops, is simply divine!!!
    I wish I was as nimble on my feet as she appears to be, tripping the light fantastic on the keyboards!! I hope to be all better by the end of the week. Perhaps I shall do the same – and dedicate my dance of joy to you, dear friend xxx

    kisses xoxox

  • Theresa111

    If you haven’t already. Minx, please watch one of my favorite movies. “Under The Tuscan Sun.” I watch it over and over, when I want to feel good.

    There is this scene in the food market with a wonderful character and a baby duckling. It is a must see.

    Glad you could appreciate something this childish. But there is always the forever little girl in most of we women.

    Feel better soon. Your audience awaits.

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