Manhattan Skyline From Staten Island

Manhattan Skyline, originally uploaded by Sciamano.


Taken from Staten Island Ferry this photo is a little far right of the view from my schoolroom window, but more true than the photo of The Statue of Liberty, July 4, 2007 post. You can see her just to the left, in between the building and the flat freight ship. This is actually about one mile east of the school and the statue was larger to me than the one here. Perspective. Plus this is at sundown too.  Do you see the red tug boat?  I confess, I am obsessed by this.

Photo taken by: Sciamano


2 thoughts on “Manhattan Skyline From Staten Island

  1. It is beautiful!
    I wish I was there feasting on it in person…
    I do so love the little red tugboat, Theresa, so jolly and sturdy and hardworking.
    There is a delicious naivete to a a tugboat, especially a little red one.

  2. theresa, i haven’t been here in a day or so ,,, and man!!! you are really taking off on this new blog… i love it.. i love the art the photos.. the words.. it has all come together an d i love it!!!!!

    i finally got all my reader stuff organized,, so i will be here all the time now… thanks for all your kind words and thoughts along the way……

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