The Bass Rock

The Bass Rock, originally uploaded by ukjc07.


When I see things like this I an almost overcome with passion and longing. Don’t understand where my love for rocks springs from but it is as real as anything I have ever felt.

I have collected rocks over the years since my twenties. Family and friends know when they go away to come back with a rock for me. I am so appreciative of their thoughtfulness.

Time to go find a boat to take me out to the Bass Rock. What a lovely and mesmerizing view. If need be I could always swim over…maybe not. There’s always a blanket and gazing at it lying down with my arms supporting my head. I can look at it until I drift off and have it appear in my dreams.


2 thoughts on “The Bass Rock

  1. What a magnificent rock.
    So bold and imposing!!
    I would love to swim out to it too – though I am a frightful swimmer and would no doubt drown en route…

    I think you should consider a visit to our Ayer’s Rock – Uluru – deep in the Heart of Northern Australia.
    It is the largest rock formation in the world and is something to see!!!

    We can enjoy a champagne at the top!!


  2. Domestic Minx,

    So I was correct and AU stands for Australlia. That is a much bigger pond to cross. Guess I won’t be seeing you when next we visit London.

    My sister, Mary and her family travelled to your country in the 1990’s and they visited Ayer’s Rock. Mary said they had to wait in the car and that there were an insane amount of flies about. They also climbed the magnificient monument and loved it. Truly, it is an amazing place to visit. Cheers!

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