Earth from Celmentine Space Shuttle



Earth from Celmentine Space Shuttle clem_india_saudi, originally uploaded by Theresa111.

As I sit here sipping my coffee, I already hurriedly drank the first half, I think about this living plant we’re on.

Here we are like specks of sand whirling over 2,000 miles per hour, in orbit around an ever exploding star we call the sun. Our solar system is circling something so huge we cannot even fathom the size. Because most minds are too tiny to process the many possibilities out there.

Circling Earth are space stations, satellites, and who knows what else and we glance at the newspapers and news headlines to read about war, killings, hunger, poverty, global warming, the homeless, the abandoned. Well the list could go on and on.

If you gaze out past Earth and our solar system, you can see, albeit tiny, other stars and galaxies. We are so tiny, as to be insignificant. And if we go a step further, our solar system is like a grain of sand. Compare that to the tiniest insect we see. Now looking closer you can judge for yourself. It is made perfectly and intricately, with intelligence and with purpose.

We are not something that just developed. There is Higher Divinity and Divine Intelligence at work here. Isn’t it strange that every day is exactly twenty-four hours and the leaves change color in the autumn? That every living thing has timing programmed into it? Who or what did the programming? Somebody is difinitely in charge and it isn’t we Earthlings. That’s just the pose we take.

Oh, why doesn’t everyone try to get along? Why don’t we see we that need each other? Why don’t we understand that diversity was chosen to make us more interesting for one another? That there are endless things to learn and see. Enough for everyone’s lifetime. And in comparison with the Earth and Universe, the time allotted us is but a blink of an eye. Life is a gift and we are all precious.

We are in this together. Let us all make a difference. Begin by helping someone make their life better. Starting now. Be a part of the solution.


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5 responses to “Earth from Celmentine Space Shuttle

  • whypaisley

    i have never been a person for a cause, a joiner, you know, like a member of anything… but i do think the people on this planet are out of control… i just dont know, other than being the change in my own little corner of the world,,, what is a girl to do?????

  • thedomesticminx

    I am constantly amazed by the enormity of our universe and the small minds we inhabit on our planet…
    Some beautiful thoughts Theresa, and the ones I often ponder.

    XXX – a bit of love your way…

  • Theresa111

    Ladies………What would I do without you?

    It’s what we as writers and women can do. Influence others to think about making a positive change in those we touch. This ride we’re on won’t last forever and I would it rather be much later than continuing on this out-of-control way the people of Earth are hitherto bound.

    I am not saying to band together, but to leave our readers with a thought, provocatively offered, to do something good for just one person. Because you two, especially, have your audiences in the palms of your hands, they would listen to anything you ladies would suggest. You are powerful women.

    Hugs and Kisses XXXOOXOXOX

  • thedomesticminx

    Thank you Theresa xx

    We all have a voice. And a responsibility…
    We can all use them as a power for good.

    You are a beautiful spirit xxxxx

    I am listening
    And I will be speaking.

    Speaking of voices powerful and feminine, I really think you should visit my friend Margot’s blog too – The Impatient Blogger.

    I love Margot. She is exceptionally wise and wonderful and an inspiration to all of us.
    Tell her I sent you!!! You will be glad you visited.


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