Lighthouse Lady

Lighthouse Lady

Early morning before sunrise
Down winding stairs that lead up to the sky
She lightly touches the stones on the wall
Throws open the door to the cat she does call

Around and about and up again
Into the kitchen her very dear friend
Preparing breakfast of bread eggs and cheese
She opens the windows for fresh ocean breeze

Footfalls announce her husband and kids
Yawning smiling with heavy eyelids
The kettle is whistling the toaster pops up
Firelight upon the dog and her pups

How happy peaceful and serene it all is
Lighthouse Lady who smiles with bliss
Tonight she’ll bake pies and deep fry fish
Lighthouse Lady who got her wish

>Theresa H. Hall

Copyright ©2002 Theresa H Hall


2 thoughts on “Lighthouse Lady

  1. theresa, this is beautiful… just breathtaking… not just the light house but the whole set up,, the page the food everything… i love it…. you did a great job… bravo!!!!!

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