Theresa’s Wedding Cake with Marzipan Roses and Leaves

About five weeks before our Pastry Arts Final Buffet, we were instructed on how to make and build a wedding cake. I must admit there are some necessary steps one must take to insure the cake will hold together and not tumble. After it’s built you have to prepare it and ice it many times.

French or Italian butter cream is incredibily delicious and once applied, the cake must be refrigrated after each coat of icing. The first coat is called the crumb coat. The cake is placed into the cooler, frige or walk-in in order to set the icing.

Because of the complexities of butter cream, it must be cooled, then warmed up and whipped at a consistent speed, so it will become warmed, but not too warm and have the precise sheen before being applied to the cake.

A repeat of this process is made until the cake is iced perfectly and properly covered. No cake is peeking through the icing, no crumbs are showing. No seams are showing, no cracks either. Just a smooth and seamless tier of cakes. The cake must be level too.

The ending is sometimes more nerve wracking because this is the part which will be seen, inspected, ooh’d and ahh’d over and devored by the eyes.

There are hundreds of ways to garnish and finish a wedding cake. In this photograph, you’ll notice my hand made marzipan roses and leaves. Also, I piped butter cream onto the edges and where the cakes were joined.

This was my first and only wedding cake. It was a very interesting process and and enjoyable one. The cake was a vanilla genoise soaked with dark rum flavored simple syrup, for added moistness. There was an incredible and intsense raspberry jam puree in between the sliced layers, along with butter cream. The taste was like heaven in your mouth.

Photo taken April 2005 L’Academie de Cuisine.


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