Get Stung by Sting

No matter how many times I listen to Sting’s 1990’s album “Ten Summoner’s Tale”, I am lulled by the strangely hypnotic yet soothing songs he recorded. It’s the CD you can throw in to play while you are working, driving, exercising, sitting down to dinner, dancing, having a party, talking on the phone, making love or even balancing your checkbook.

Sting just does it right. He is an original musician with a magical way of transforming the everyday notes and chords of music into a compilation which is as new and unique each time it reaches our ears, as it was the first time.

How does he do it? What inspires him to paint his music so effectively? It makes you wonder how he comes up with his songs. Did they write themselves or did he agonize over every line?

I just want to give this album one more buzz, in case some of the younger readers had never heard it. The main thing is this. If you haven’t given it a listen lately, you should. It will evoke memories and take you to another place and time.


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